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Jesmonite AC730 Flexiguard sealer

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Enhance the longevity and preservation of your artistic endeavors using Jesmonite's Flexiguard Sealer tailored for AC730. This innovative sealer significantly minimizes the necessity for frequent upkeep and safeguards your creations effectively. When applied to a completed product, it remains imperceptible, keeping the original surface texture and color intact. Crafted without solvents, its stain-resistant composition is exclusively developed for porous surfaces. Offering a transparent coating, UV stability, and exceptional durability.

Aside from shielding your items against water and grease, the Flexiguard Sealer incorporates impressive technology that thwarts the attachment of contaminants to the surface, resulting in resistance to stubborn dirt, mold, and fungal growth. These attributes, combined with its UV resistance, establish it as an excellent choice for sealing outdoor creations and items exposed to substantial moisture, like bathroom accessories. We strongly recommend applying Jesmonite Flexiguard Sealer to all AC730 creations for optimal durability and longevity.

For application, it's advisable to employ Jesmonite Flexiguard Sealer as a fine mist coat sprayed onto AC730 surfaces. Prior to application, it's crucial to ensure the surfaces are thoroughly cleaned, dry, and devoid of any grease or oil. The drying process typically takes around 15-20 minutes. This sealer offers a transparent finish, UV stability, and exceptional robustness. Furthermore, it features a solvent-free, stain-resistant formulation specifically tailored for coating porous surfaces.

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