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Jesmonite AC730 base

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Made of two components, Jesmonite AC730 consists of an acrylic liquid and a base. These two parts are then combined in a 5:1 ratio to produce a thick, paste-like liquid. This mixture can subsequently be poured into a mold. Similar to other Jesmonite systems, AC730 is free from solvents and does not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOCs), thus maintaining clean air around you for safe working conditions. Jesmonite AC730 typically takes about four to six hours to cure and achieves its full strength within the initial 24-48 hours.

What is the use of Jesmonite AC730? Due to its water-resistant properties, Jesmonite AC730 is particularly suitable for crafting pieces that might be exposed to environmental elements, such as outdoor decorations and bathroom decor. However, this doesn't limit its applications! Whether it's candle holders, coasters, or ornaments, you can utilize AC730's stunning stone effect finish for nearly any project. It can also be reinforced with Jesmonite's Quadaxial Glass to provide additional strength to larger pieces that require it.

What is the texture of the final product like? When you first remove an AC730 piece from the mold, it will have a smooth surface akin to an AC100 piece. If you opt to sand or apply acid etching to your creation, it will have a rougher, more textured feel. Think along the lines of cement or a coarse stone—this is the sensation AC730 will offer.

Can decorations be added to my pieces? Absolutely! You can still incorporate Jesmonite pigments into AC730. Keep in mind that there are 11 stone finishes to choose from, and these finishes are pre-colored. You might decide to embrace AC730's natural beauty. However, if you aim to achieve a specific color using pigments, it's advisable to select one of the three lightest finishes (White Marble, Grey Granite, or Natural Stone). Each of the 11 finishes imparts a stunning neutral, minimalist effect, yet feel free to experiment and customize by adding pigments and decorations. To unveil the beautiful granite-like texture, employ Jesmonite's Acid Etch and observe the enchantment as your piece becomes even more distinctive!

 Maintain the proper sealing of your Jesmonite AC730 liquid and base containers and store them at a consistent temperature between 5°C and 25°C.  

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